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Tips for Selling a Waterfront Property in Ohio

Most people dream of having a home on the waterfront, which would make a seller think the property would sell easily. Unfortunately, an easy sale isn’t always the case, even when the property is the most gorgeous waterfront property in the area. Knowing how to sell waterfront property can make a difference in the amount of time the property is on the market. The following tips for selling a waterfront property will help move the sale along faster.

Put a Reasonable Price Tag On It

The price is one of the biggest players in selling property. If the price isn’t right, buyers aren’t going to bite. The price does a lot of the marketing. Pricing it wrong is going to cause the property to sit much longer than you want it to.

To ensure a fair price, consider the location, amenities, the size of the waterfront, and whether the frontage is level or sloped. There are many factors that can go into the cost, and you may need a little help from a professional to determine the value.

Hire a Realtor

A realtor can help you with pricing and the process, but not all realtors are created equally. You need to work side-by-side with Someone Who Knows The Area and has the tools and resources you need to sell the property quickly. They need to be able to list it online and have a track record of successful waterfront property sales. It also helps if other services such as Property Management are offered if you are not able to manage the property on your own.

Prepare the Waterfront Property for Sale

Preparing the property is another major step. If it isn’t looking its best, then it won’t have the appeal you need it to have. Make sure the view isn’t obstructed, that the dock is easily accessible, and that the shoreline is clean. You also need to make sure that the exterior of the home is clean, well-landscaped, and looking its best.

Make sure you look at the property from the water. While one side of the property needs to have good curb appeal, it also needs to look good from the other side. Waterfront property is a major investment for people, so it has to look amazing.

Selling a Waterfront Property Can Be Simple

All in all, you can have a successful sale. It doesn’t have to be an extremely complicated operation, especially when you have a competent and experienced realtor on your side. Some TLC, easy accessibility, and good staging can go a long way.

Are you considering selling a waterfront property? If so, let our experienced team at Realtywise guide you to a successful sale.