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Realtor Advice: Tips for Increasing your Home Value

increase home value

Making improvements to your home can help to add value, but that is not the case with all home improvement projects. In fact, some projects can actually detract from the value of your home. Below, we provided some tips to help increase the value of your home and assist you in getting the most return on your investment. These fixes and upgrades will not cost a lot of money, but could help to attract the attention of buyers if you are trying to sell your home.

Boost Curb Appeal

First impressions are critical. A prospective buyer will decide whether they want to see your home or not within seconds of viewing the exterior. Keeping the walkway neatly swept and tidying up the landscaping gives the impression of a well-maintained home. Take it a step further by investing in a new mailbox or giving your front door a fresh coat of paint.

Freshen Up the Bath

Bathroom projects can get expensive quickly. However, a few small cosmetic changes will go a long way toward boosting the value of your home without busting your budget. Consider updating fixtures, re-grouting the tile, purchasing a new toilet seat, or replacing an outdated vanity.

Spice Up the Kitchen

Your kitchen must look clean, warm, and inviting to catch the attention of potential buyers. After all, this is not just where meals are prepared, but also where a family tends to spend much of its time, where kids do homework, and guests gather. Updating drawers and cabinet doors, giving the walls a new coat of paint, and replacing outdated light fixtures will give your kitchen a fresh, modern appearance.

Revamp your Home’s Layout

Space is a precious commodity. If adding a room to your home is outside of your budget, you can reconfigure the current layout to make your home seem larger. You can do this by recreating a room or substituting the use of one room for another room. For instance, if your home has only two bedrooms but a second living area, such as a den, you could rather easily convert it into a three-bedroom.

With a little creativity, you can make simple, inexpensive updates to your home that will make it more interesting while also boosting your home’s value. Are you interested in learning more about how you can easily boost your home’s value? Contact our team at Realtywise.