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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

There is a degree of anxiety that can surround a home inspection because of what it could reveal. The homeowner is anxious because certain findings could result in a demand from the buyer to make certain repairs before following through with the deal. The buyer is anxious because the home inspection could add a couple of steps to the process. The fact is that the home inspection is necessary for all parties involved to ensure the home is in sound condition before following through with the deal. Of course, the preparation falls on the seller.

Get Ready for the Inspection

The following are tasks you can complete to prepare for the home inspection:

1. Clean your time home – It is important that the home is clean so a good first impression is made. When the home is clean, it shows you have taken care of it.

2. Meet the inspector – You will have to meet the inspector at the house, so make sure you are home that day at the specified time. Home inspectors are notorious for showing up on time, so be ready.

3. The utilities – Keep the utilities on because the inspector will need to test lights, turn on any included appliances, check the air conditioning, and check the furnace. Receptacles are also checked to make sure they are functional. If the utilities are off, the home inspector will have to come back at a later date, which could delay closing and the home inspection contingency put in place by the buyer.

4. Ensure easy access to areas – The inspector will need to move around the hot water heater, furnace, and other areas. If you have boxes in the way, you will need to remove them. The inspector isn’t going to pick up boxes and move them, which means more inspections to come if they can’t access certain areas.

5. Attic access – The inspector will need to access the attic. Clear the way and do everything you can to make it accessible. This is important so they can see if there are any roof leaks or other issues up above that may not be seen from down below. You may also want to make sure the attic is as clean as possible so the inspector can see.

6. Basement access – Clear the way to the basement and clean it as much as possible so the inspector can get a good look at the foundation, seals around windows, and other areas that he or she may need to look at.

7. Have keys for outbuildings and electrical boxes ready – The inspector will want to look at the electrical box if you have one. Outbuildings also have to be inspected, so make sure he or she has access to these areas by providing them with the keys.

8. Clear brush away from the foundation – The inspector has to see the foundation, so prune back bushes and remove any leaves or brush.

9. Have repair documents ready – The inspector should be able to see documentation of repairs on the home.

Do You Have to Leave?

When you meet the inspector, make sure you show them or tell them where everything is because you may need to leave. Many buyers like to accompany the inspector and it may be hard for them to ask questions when the owner is around. The inspector may take two to three hours to complete the inspection, so be sure to make plans if the buyer will be present.

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