John Guelker

John Guelker

Licensed Real Estate Agent


(440-541) 5537


[email protected]

Industry Experience:

I obtained my license in 2011 and I am a full-time time agent. I was previously part of  a family business and decided it was time to join and help my wife who has been licensed for 25 years.  We have developed land…invested in homes and are well versed in remodeling and additions.

About Me:

I  believe in the Golden Rule…treat others as I would want to be treated. I am a straight forward kinda guy who tells you how it is…I am here to help…give advice and advise you on your real estate needs.


I enjoy woodworking and taking care of my home and doing projects around the house. I am always planting a new tree or putting in a new bed into our landscape. Anytime I can be outside working around the house…that is where you will find me in my spare time.